Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon (08/22-08/28)

Hey all! Join me and Amanda at On a Book Bender for the Bout of Books Read-a-Thon.  Play catch-up with your TBR and get to know some of your fellow bloggers in the process...I know I'm posting this a day in, but it's not too late.  Follow this LINK to read the instructions and sign up.  There are also lots of bloggers doing giveaways in conjunction, so check those out too! Happy Reading!

My Goals:
  • Read everything I have coming due at the library in the next week.
  • Read at least 2 books that I've forgotten about on my Kindle.
  • Read something I've been looking forward to but haven't gotten a chance to read yet.
  • Read a total of (at least) 6 books.
Books to Read/Finish:
Other Books I Wouldn't Mind Getting To:
  • 08/22:  Finished Divergent and Wolfsbane. Page 49 of Sisters Red.  Page 158 of Across the Universe. Completed: 2 books today; 2 books total.
  • 08/23:  Read to page 111 in Sisters Red; page 115 in Ginger Pye; page 56 of Sweetly.  Completed: 0 books today; 2 books total.
  • 08/24:  Read to page 126 in Sisters Red; page 196 of Across the Universe; page 194 of Ginger Pye; page 106 of Sweetly; page 117 of The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and  Six More.  Completed: 0 books today; 2 books total.
  • 08/25:  Read to page 179 in Sweetly; page 300 of Across the Universe.  Completed: 0 books today; 2 books total.
  • 08/26:  Finished Across the Universe and Sweetly.  Completed: 2 books today; 4 books total.
  • 08/27:  Did not read today.  :(
  • 08/28:  Finished Sisters Red.  Started Anna and the French Kiss, Ashfall, and Found.  Completed: 1 book today; 5 books total.
Challenge Totals:
  • Completed: 5 books
  • Started (but did not complete): 5 books

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