Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review: L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: June 1st, 2009

In L.A. CANDY, nineteen-year-old Jane Roberts moves to L.A. and unexpectedly becomes the star of a reality T.V. show. With fame comes wealth, hot clothes and even hotter love interests -- and Jane′s lapping it all up with her eclectic entourage of pals who are always up for a wild night out and the chance to get a piece of her spotlight. But soon Jane realizes everyone wants something from her, and nothing is what it seems to be.

L.A. CANDY is a fast-paced, honest and entertaining fictional account of what it′s like to come of age in Hollywood while starring in a reality TV show, written by a girl who has experienced it all firsthand: Lauren Conrad.
(Courtesy of Goodreads)

The only reason I picked up this book was because it fit a challenge. I've never watched the television show she's in, but I imagine this is loosely based on that? It seemed very autobiographical, from the little bit I know about her. I honestly expected it to be horrible, and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't hate this book! I didn't love it either, but I didn't expect to. I honestly thought it would be so bad that I couldn't finish. Well, I did finish, and I thought it was pretty good. Will I read further in the series? Maybe. Perhaps I will need another challenge book. It's not something I would clamor to read, but it wouldn't be painful either.  At any rate, I felt like Lauren Conrad did a good job telling her story in a fictional format. The writing was competent, the story moved along at a good pace, and if you like tabloid fodder, it was entertaining. I can see why some teen girls would enjoy this. It's the life many of them dream about.

My Rating: ★ ★ ★

Grade Level Recommendation: Grades 9+ (Ages 14+). There are definitely some things in this book that wouldn't be appropriate for a younger girl. There is MUCH underage drinking in clubs, several instances of "going home" with guys and one night stands. There is a bit of language, but that's never been a sticking point for me after about 5th grade.

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